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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you don't see your question here give us a call at (800) 330-2001. 

Are you a Full Service Brokerage?

Yes. Primarily, we provide traditional Real Estate Brokerage services for Buyers and Sellers of residential Real Estate. Where we may differ is really up to the individual Agent and the Client. Customers may want different things at different times and we aim to be there every step of the way. A savvy Real Estate investor may desire some form of "Limited Service" arrangement on one property, while the complexities of another may dictate a more involved approach. Further, some Agents may decide to market their own services in a unique way (i.e. a "Flat Fee" approach, or an a-la-carte menu of services approach) while other Agents believe in a more traditional approach to the business. The difference at HomeSense® Realty is that the level of service is dictated according to the needs of the Client and the specific Agent, not according to an arbitrary Company minimum.

How can you offer such an aggressive compensation plan?

It's easy.  When all the Agents are on the same page and when the Company provides most ancillary services on an a-la-carte basis only to the Agents that actually need them (private offices, conference rooms, computer access, faxes, copiers, scanners, printers, and administrative support) without wasting space or money on the other "stuff" (useless square footage, needless salaries, antiquated systems), everyone benefits.  For those Agents that primarily use a home office, this program is about as good as it can get. 

Where's the catch?  What hidden fees are you not disclosing?

Absolutely none. If you do not use the additional formal office services, you will not pay anything above your monthly dues and a flat fee per closing.  The monthly fee does include a receptionist to personally greet your clients, mail handling/forwarding (if you choose), a personal office voice mail with live call forwarding, online forms, a dedicated toll-free office number, a branded email account, a personal web page, and individual featured property listing pages, among other benefits.  The flat fee per closing includes Errors and Omissions coverage and file retention.  Other expenditures that an Agent should plan for might include: signs/riders, sign installation, lockboxes/keys, REALTOR® Association Dues, Multiple Listing Service Dues, personal advertising, business cards and stationary (use of print-ready artwork is provided), licensing and continuing education, internet access, fax capabilities, cellular phone charges, anything specifically agreed to with Buyers and/or Sellers, and other business-related expenses.  Of course, many of these business expenses are present with all Companies, but HomeSense® Realty allows Agent overhead (if any) to be truly Agent-controlled.

Do I have to charge my customers a set amount for my services?

No.  There is no arbitrary standard here.  You have complete autonomy when deciding what to charge for your services without ever having to call and ask your Broker.  You and your client can choose the level of service most appropriate to meet your client's goals.  Remember, your Broker's split is only a $395 flat fee per closing. 

How do HomeSense® Realty Agents work in the "real world?"

As with the less-than-agent-friendly Brokerages out there, most Agents work from their home or mobile offices.  In fact, in this new age of real estate, Agents never have to go to the office if they do not want to.  Most business can be handled through the Internet, fax, telephone, regular and overnight mail.  Agents can literally work from anywhere.  Forms can be downloaded and printed, property searches can be conducted, files can be set up and updated, and commission checks can be processed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever having to leave your home office.  It's smarter, faster, and more efficient.  Of course, there are times when a client may feel more comfortable meeting you at your office.  No problem, just make the appointment and meet your client in a professional office environment.

I do not live near a HomeSense® Realty Office, does this matter?

Not a bit. In fact, many of our current Agents live hours away from the nearest HomeSense® Realty location. Further, the Agents that live around the block from a location rarely (if ever) have a need to stop by. See "How do HomeSense® Realty Agents work in the real world?" above.

With so many Agents now and your current growth rate, how can I expect to get timely Broker support?

We know that when you need a Broker question answered you need it answered now, not three days from now.  You will always have direct access to the Broker. We guarantee a half-day response period to your Broker question.

I am a brand new Agent.  Shouldn't I go to a larger national firm for training?   

Our mentorship program is perfect for brand new Agents as well as those wishing to further enhance their career.  Agents who enter our mentorship program will have a one-on-one relationship with one of our mentors.  Our goal is to help Agents get their career off and running with all the basics of Real Estate being covered including techniques on how to Prospect, Present, Negotiate, and Close. 

Won't I get lost in such a large Company?

Yes and No. It depends on what you want. We realize that some Agents want to be left alone to conduct their business and we respect that.  However, for Agents who want and enjoy the feel of a team atmosphere we have several opportunities available.   

Why HomeSense® Realty?

While we did not invent the 100% Commission concept, we are on a mission to perfect it. For the most part, other Companies that have adopted similar models are either local one-office independents with a "license warehouse" approach that offer very little to their Agents, or are semi-national firms that charge Agents significantly more for the same levels of service and expertise. Our national approach helps with Branding efficiencies and networking opportunities, while our low fees stand up to even the most aggressive 100% Commission structures available. We strive to be as professional, respected, and well known as the large franchises, while retaining the ability to remain nimble in a very dynamic industry. If you want to stand out as a consummate professional, be more than just a number, and differentiate yourself from the typical 100% Commission Companies in the marketplace, then HomeSense® Realty will be the best fit by far.

What am I waiting for?

That is one you will have to answer yourself. We would love to have you contact us so we can investigate the answer together and see if HomeSense® Realty might make sense for you.